Friday, August 17, 2007


As the summer draws to a close I thought I would finally keep up with my blog for one more entry. I said I would write a little about dispensationalism, so here is a quick attempt.

Most evangelicals will probably never hear the word, "dispensation" from the pulpit on any given Sunday. The topic itself relates to the Bible in its entirety, but has really taken a pounding when discussing the Millennial or Kingdom reign of Christ. I would like for you all to know that dispensationalism is a new theological system of thought. Its roots go back to the Niagra Bible Conferences held in the late 1800s. That fact alone should caution anyone from deeming themselves a certain kind of dispensationalist. Since the topic is so new, there is no doubt that it will be revised and re-thought for years to come. Remain humble and keep studying.

Most pertinent to this blog is the distinction between Classical Dispensationalism and Progressive Dispensationalism. Although these two topics are on opposite sides of the spectrum in dispensationalism, there are many similarities between the two. Here are a couple of questions that plague the thoughts of dispensationalists and non-dispensationalists... What is the identity of the Jews as it pertains to the Body of Christ? Is Christ currently reigning on David's throne?

I think there are great answers to these questions, but much has yet to be said. Many evangelicals shy away from the slogan, "Already, but not yet," concerning the Kingdom of Christ. Don't be scared! Anyone who spends time simply in the Gospel of Luke will clearly see that Jesus has inaugurated the Kingdom in His death and Resurrection to the right hand of the Father. This does not threaten the literal 1000 year reign of Christ which has yet to begin. Concerning the Jews, they must be part of the Body of Christ especially considering the language of Paul in Ephesians 2-3. This also does not threaten a future for the literal nation of Israel. We can continue to keep the Jews distinguished as a nation, but in terms of the Body of Christ we definitely are only ONE BODY.

Overall, I believe if the old classic dispensationalists would do some good research on the the modifications of progressive dispensationalism, they would find that their theological differences are not so different. Even Ryrie has revised his views of classic dispensationalism in a revised edition of his book, "Dispensationalism."

The more important issue here is, HOW DOES MY UNDERSTANDING OF DISPENSATIONALISM AFFECT MY DAILY WORSHIP TO GOD? Let's not continue to cause more strife in the Body than there already is. If you are any kind of dispensationalist you understand that Jesus is your King. How do you spend your time daily before your King? Are you prepared to go before your King in confidence yet humbleness? How do you worship with others of a different denomination? We are all one body. The degradation of churches competing against other churches for members or money is so far from the Biblical example its not even funny. You know that we will all be united in the Kingdom to come. Is it not our responsibility to live right now with a Kingdom mentality? Our problem is that we have trouble worshiping and living in an earthly place when we are rightfully a heavenly people.

Anyway, maybe something to think about. Like I said, I hold my understanding in humbleness and always keep my mind open to differences and modifications. I know for sure there will be no arrogance in the Kingdom, and I don't want to harbor those feelings now. Worship your King.