Monday, November 15, 2010

We're here...I promise!

Here's some updates from Henry's birthday in September until now. We've had lots of visitors and tons of fun!!!

First, Meme and Grumps visited. We had SO many adventures from the zoo, shopping, Going Bonkers, eating out...we didn't get many pics with our camera, but they got tons!!! Meme, will you share? :)

Then Nana visited. We all went to a pumpkin patch with some great activities.

Halloween came and went...a very scary pirate joined us!!! Aaarrgghhh!!! Our Life Group leaders invited us over. Ironman helped Henry learn how to trick-or-treat this year.

Finally, Grammy and Pop-pop came for a visit.

Our baby boy is no more! We've got a toddler on our hands. He's beautiful, cautious, VERY observant, a fast learner, and we are SO proud of our Doodle! (I just realized he's in the same outfit for 2 of the must be a favorite of his!)

These eyes melt my heart.
I know this face looks mad, but he's not. He's just thinking...something he's always doing. I think this shot captures so much of his growing personality.