Monday, September 5, 2011

Ethan James

Well Hello! To say that I need to update is quite the understatement.

We welcomed Ethan James to our family on Thursday, August 18th at 3:37 pm. It was an amazing day and wonderful experience. Dr. E set us up for induction again like Henry. Jared and Henry checked me into the hospital at 7 that morning. Jared took Henry to school while I got all worked up and things got started. I labored all day. When it was time, the nurse called Dr. E. He came, I pushed 3 times, and we welcomed our new baby boy!!!!

His name was quite the decision! We had it narrowed down to 4 names for the longest time: Liam, Simon, Ethan, Elam. I loved Liam from the beginning and liked Simon from the beginning too. Ethan and Elam were Jared's picks. James was his middle name and was easily decided upon early. We entered into the hospital with Liam and Ethan as final choices. Our nurse's son's name is Liam, and we found out that one of Dr. E's twin boys is named Ethan...funny! I guess we just needed to see our little man before naming him. Ethan means "strong and courageous", and he's already proven himself such.

Henry has been awesome! He's done so well and enjoys his baby brother so much.

He did this! He pulled the blanket over his head. He was so mad when he was born that he literally screamed for 4 hours. Then he calmed down and has been calm since :)

All my boys!

Then we had some visitors! We've been so blessed with such amazing friends!!!
Aunt Andrea!!!
I didn't get pics of Sara or the Grus (sorry guys!)
The Arnolds! How precious is Andy?! We miss them so much!

I have more updates from this year and a recent trip to the Arboretum. I'll be posting updates soon...