Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Baby Shower!!! (sorry, this is a LONG post!)

Welcome everyone! (Andrea made this out of diapers!!!)

He has his own candy bar!

Well I've received strict instructions from others to get this post up with pics ASAP! Last Saturday, my sweet friends, Andrea, Lauren, and Stephanie hosted a shower for me. We had a good time. It is so humbling to see people who love our little Henry already! Everything was perfect! Andrea did all of the decor (so beautiful and sweet), Lauren cooked the food (delicious by the way...I have to share her recipe for some truffles that she made!), and Stephanie made punch and got some prizes for games (the punch was so good...Steph wanted to spike it, however. she's the mother of 3 - a three year old and twins!) We ate, we laughed, I cried a little, and we played some great games! I got pics with Andrea and Lauren, but Stephanie had already left :-(

Lauren made these!!!!Andrea's mom was in charge of the flowers...didn't she do a great job!
Andrea put these together as little party favors for everyone. They are jelly beans...Karlee couldn't stay away! Games

1) Name that baby food! Thankfully Andrea didn't have us taste the food. We had to guess what the baby food was...I didn't do so well. Thank goodness for labels (Her husband, Bryan, on the other hand, did the test the night before and did quite well!!!)

2) Don't say "baby" or cross your legs, ladies! This was fun. Everyone was given a necklace with a lotto ticket on it. If someone caught you saying the word "baby" or crossing your legs while you sat, they could take your necklace. I had my necklace about 2 minutes...crossed my legs!

3) Pick what you want! (Not an official title but it will work). See the pic below if my instructions don't make sense. Everyone was given a sheet of paper with a list of attributes: eyes, hair, nose, complexion, intelligence, money habits, etc. Next to it were check boxes for Jared or me. Each person had to choose which attribute I wanted Henry to have. For instance, Jared's eyes, my laugh, etc. My copy was the answer key, of course. It was really neat to see what I want this little one to have of Jared's and mine. Lauren is so observant! She notice that I picked equally 10 for Jared and 10 for me! When everyone had left and Jared came to help clean up, I had him play the game, too. It was fun to see our similarities and differences.
We received some wonderful gifts. Stephanie took pics, so take a look...

Lauren made this...made me cry!!!

Wendi sent this gift set from
Charleston. It's so sweet and soft!

My mom sent this little outfit...can we say "little Jared"?!
I'm unsure how many weeks we are because of Henry measuring ahead and my due date being moved up, but here is a recent belly pic for you.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baby Shower

This Saturday some ladies from our Sunday School class hosted a shower for Henry and I. It really was a lot of fun! We had a brunch with all kinds of wonderful foods! I love breakfast, so this was perfect. We played a few cute games: 1. We got a sheet of paper, closed our eyes, and had to tear out what Henry would look like! (scary) 2. With a different sheet of paper, we closed our eyes and drew what I look like carrying Henry (hysterical!) 3. We each got a note card and wrote a question a new mother might have (i.e. How do I take the baby's temperature?), then passed the note card one person to the left. On the back of the card you receive, you write the answer to your question. So, we ended up getting some good questions with really random answers! Henry got some really cute things, and the ladies were so thoughtful! Here are some pics from the day...
All of these onesies had sayings like "God's little Lamb", "You are safe in His hands", etc. So sweet!

Daddy's little ball player!
I hear you can't have enough of these!

We laughed a lot...something was apparently hysterical!

All of the ladies...

Krista and Mary Helen...the hostesses

Mary Helen called this picture, "From pregnancy to menapause!" She is so funny!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

not too much, really

It's been a week or so since I've written, so I decided I should. Belly doesn't look much different, so I'll post a pic this weekend. Henry has found my ribs. Since he's breech, he's been poking them. I wonder, Can he see them?...Is there any light in there, or is he just feeling his way around in there? He's moving like crazy most of the time, so I wish he'd head south soon.
I haven't seen much of Jared lately, as he's engrossed in Hebrew. That language is really! He'll be finished Aug. 8th just in time for the olympics! He'll need a break, so the games will be a great way to celebrate!
I'm taking my car in to get fixed on Friday. They are supposed to give me a rental car...wonder what it will be!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


We had our 28 weeks sonogram today...At least that's what we thought. Henry is growing at a faster rate...30 weeks. He's so HUGE! No, really. He's already longer than 15 inches and weighs a little over 3 lbs.! Not to mention that his head is measuring in the 90th percentile! WHAT?!?! Dr. Eisenberg is planning to induce at least 2 weeks earlier than the suggested due date. Fine with us! I assume that they'll just keep monitoring his growth...maybe more sonograms?! We'll see. It was so beautiful to see that little Too today. Everything is looking healthy. Praise the Lord! He has given us such a sweet, big gift.

I am disappointed in the pics that we got of him...not many. He was playing hide-and-go-seek; except he doesn't understand the seek part! He'd cover his face, then play with his feet, then cover his face again. So, needless to say, we didn't get to see his little face. He's just not ready to meet us yet. I guess he wants a formal introduction. I'm only posting 2 of the pics...they are my favorite. I think he was rubbing his eyes.

Look at that sweet little hand. You can see a little bit of his face.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, America...and Jared, too!

We had a pre-birthday celebration with the Learys, and I didn't get a picture until the next day! We didn't do much of anything on the Fourth of July this year! Well, we did A LOT of sleeping. I guess it was much needed rest. Thanks Lauren and Justin for coming to play for a little while. (We see them often but never get pics together! I'll do better!)

Jared finished his 1st class in Hebrew on Wednesday of last week and will begin the 2nd class today. It's crazy difficult, but we are glad he's doing it before Henry comes! (Supposedly Hebrew 2 is the hardest class in the languages)

Here we are at 28 weeks. We are going for a sonogram on Thursday!!!