Saturday, March 22, 2008

I love my job...especially right now!

When we went to the dr. on Tuesday we were told that if we wanted to find out the sex of the baby, we'd have to pay for it. Dr. E does a sonogram at 12 weeks and 28 weeks, so insurance wouldn't pay for another one. Well, it would be $75, minimum, to find out...they have all different kinds of packages up to $300! So...we all know that Jared is a bit frugal, but he said we could pay to find out! We have phenominal insurance and baby will only cost $115 to deliver ($15 for first copay with first visit and $100 for hospital admittance - SERIOUSLY!!!!).

I'm sure you're wondering why I titled this "I love my job...especially right now!" Well, I went into my favorite Urologist's office on Wednesday to announe the news and show them my pics of baby. I love this office! The staff is wonderful and the dr.'s are top notch. Anyway...Sheila, the receptionist, said that I should come in and found out what it is...So, here's the conversation:

Sheila: You should come in on a Thursday. That's the day when our sonogram tech is here. His name's Rick, and he'll tell you what you're having.

Me: No, I don't want to be a bother!

Sheila: WHAT?! You're not a bother! We all want to find out who's in there anyway!

Me: Sheila, you shouldn't have told me that...I'll be in every Thursday bothering this man to look at my baby!

Sheila: Come tomorrow and we'll see.

Me: Okay!

Thursday morning I go back to the office and Rick was busy with patients. I didn't want to be a brat but the staff insisted that I stay. When Rick was done with the patients, he called me in there, and we took a look...FOR FREE! Now I knew it was too early to tell but I wanted to see my baby again!!! He said I should come back when I'm 16-20 weeks, and we'll see just who's in there!!! So, God has provided again! We'll save some $$$ and still get to know who's in there! I'm so shocked and humbled with the people I've met with my job. They are loving our family already. By the way, I should mention that my friend, Andrea, suggested I find an office that would do the sonogram for free, then this just happened!

Other updates:
Jared has painted the baby's room...I'll post pics later.

We're getting baby furniture for free! My dear friend, Andrea Leary, has a brother that lives in our neighborhood. He and his wife are preparing their little one for a toddler bed or "big boy bed", and they said we could have their furniture!!! Just have it! I can't believe it. I must mention that my wonderful friend, Ashley Norwood, has told me that we can strip and paint the furniture, and she'll even tutor us on how to do it!! I have the most fantastic friends anyone can ask for!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Introducing Baby Verwiel

We had a sonogram today. Baby Verwiel is measuring at 13 weeks and 4 days. He/she is quite an active little one. Today was so much fun. The sonogram technician made a guess as to who's in there, but I'm not revealing that to just anyone yet. We'll go in for the confirmed gender in about a month or so. We even received a couple 3D videos that last for a few seconds each...too cool!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A sigh of relief

Today Jared and I went to the doctor to hear the heartbeat. Although I had no reason to be anxious, I was. I just wanted to hear that tiny heartbeat and know everything was okay and progessing. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my dr. Dr. Eisenberg is fantastic. Whenever I go in there he makes me feel calm and at ease about my pregancy and our decisions. So...on with the story. The nurse calls us back to the room and leaves. While waiting on the dr., Jared says, "Are you going to take your clothes off?" I say, "Well...the nurse didn't say to, and I don't want the dr. to come in here and I'm naked for no reason." Thankfully I listened to the voice of reason and kept my clothes on. If not, I would have been really embarrassed, as that was unnecessary for this particular visit. Dr. E came in and explained that the objective of this visit was to find and hear the heartbeat. He looks at me and says, "Now, this is like finding a needle in a haystack. So, don't get nervous if it takes a while." So I lie there and prepare myself to wait a while. Baby Verwiel was ready to show off. Dr. E put the doppler on my belly and we immediately heard that precious thump, thump! Good strong heartbeat! I looked at Dr. E as if he was making that crazy noise! Because the look was written all over my face, as per usual, he felt the need to assure me; "That's your baby." I let a sigh of relief and gave praise and thanksgiving to my Creator who's given us this little, bitty blessing. I thought I would cry, but I was just elated with joy and excitement. We are due Sept. 29th, which will make for a comfortable summer I hear :-) We'll find out just who's in there around my birthday. What a great present, huh?! We go in for a sonogram next week, so maybe I can post a pic