Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Goin' back to Cali, Cali, Cali

Jared and I enjoyed a fantastic vacation to Cali...just the 2 of us!!! Grumps (my dad) and Meemee (my dad's wife) came and took care of Henry. They did a wonderful job and graciously stuck to his schedule. Henry also got to try some yummy table food! Dad and Jeri, thank you so much for coming and taking amazing care of our Doodle-bug!

Jared and I went to California for our friends' wedding. Adam and Jessi live in LA and asked Jared to officiate their wedding. He did such a sweet job, if I do say so myself. Adam and Jessi are friends of Jared's from high school in good ol' Greendale, WI. They enjoyed such a beautiful day; thank you Adam and Jessi for inviting us out! Here are a few highlights from our week. Jared and I left early Tuesday morning and had dinner with the lovely couple Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, Jared and I went to Santa Monica and enjoyed a beautiful day on the beach, shopping, and just having fun. Then on Thursday, the festivities began for the wedding. Adam's aunt and uncle hosted a pool party at their house. Everything was set up beautifully...of course I didn't get a single pic, BUT I managed to catch this video. I promised Adam that I'd put it on our blog! Adam's sister and cousin created this marvelous synchronized swimming routine! Check it out! :-)

Friday was the rehearsal dinner that turned into a late night...well, for me anyway! Jared was tired and went to bed. I, however, stayed and made friends. For those of you reading, I'm sure you're shocked! ;-) The wedding was absolutely stunning...Jessi looked AH-MAZING! Adam cleans up nice, too! Haha! We really needed to get away, and it was an added bonus that my dad suggested he come and take care of Doodle. Here are pics from our trip! :-)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Long Time No See...So Much to See!

It's been almost a month since I last posted. Sorry about that! I'll do my best to go back to once a week. Lots of things have happened since then...Henry's loving the pool more and more these days. Jared enjoyed a great, relaxing Father's day. Lauren and Justin visited. Shannon and her girls came to visit for the 4th. We took the little ones to Chuck E Cheese! Jared turned 28! Henry's pulling up and scooting around everywhere! Enjoy a several pics and videos below. Like I said...lots going on! :-) FYI - the comments aren't posting near the pictures, so I had to go back and number the comments with the corresponding frustrating!

4 -
Henry and

5 - Henry loves his YaYa!
(Pretty sure YaYa loves her Henry too)

6 - Quite possibly my
favorite picture! :-)

7 - Look at me! I'm so big!

8 - Not quite ready to slide by myself!

9 - Gettin' him started early...haha!!!

10 - Daddy, thanks for letting me drive

12 - Henry is OBSESSED with Karlee! She can just look at him and he laughs...I think it's his first crush! She's so great with him! You may not be able to tell, but they're laughing at each other here.

13 - Family picture. Aren't we festive in our red, white, and blue ;-)

14 - Hmmm...what's going on here?

15 - Can I play?

16 - Wow, look at these!

17 - Holy Moly, It's Chuck E Cheese!

18 - Shannon and her beautiful girls

19 - Caroline, Mattilyn, and Emma

20 - 21 The face that melts my heart!