Friday, February 29, 2008

A nice day off!

So I went to work today and told Jared that I'd be home by lunch. He took the day off and said we could just hang out together. Now I love my husband dearly but he cannot be still! He's always doing projects around the house, so I figured he'd have some things in mind for today. As promised I got home at 12:00 for lunch, and he was nowhere around and, of course, he didn't take his cell phone (common prob. for him at our house!). He comes home from Home Depot with a truck load of stuff: 1) paint for the nursery -Ashley, what would we do without you? I told you he just couldn't wait! We got the colors you suggested; thanks so much! 2) all the supplies to paint the nursery A.S.A.P. - no, we have no idea the gender for the baby! 3) a fan for the nursery! baby just can't be hot in Texas heat! 4) 2 trees, mulch, and whatever else needed to get them in the ground and pretty. I just kept watching him come in with stuff thinking, "That's probably the last thing", but it took a few minutes to unload everything. It isn't safe for me to be around paint fumes yet, so Jared will be painting the nursery all by his big self ;-) I'll post pictures soon. I'm so thankful for Jared and his eager attitude!

Monday, February 25, 2008

We are back!!!

We have had quite a busy year since Jared last posted...between my crazy Pfizer training, Jared's schooling, and just the day-to-day hype, he hasn't posted in a while. I'm taking it upon myself to start blogging a little. Why, might you ask? Jared and I found out not too long ago that we are HAVING A BABY! We didn't want to announce it to just anyone until we were a little further along. We are about 10 weeks. I'll go to the doctor again next week to hear the heartbeat. Crazy! :-) We've seen our little bundle of joy already, and I'm ready to hear a strong heartbeat. We'll keep you updated. I'm sure I'll write about day-to-day stuff and Jared will enlighten you with his thoughts and intellectual passions :-) Later, later!!!