Thursday, February 8, 2007

Our Beautiful Daughter...Rahab

This sight would not be complete without mentioning our daughter of 2.5 years...Rahab. She is a small chocolate labrador (65 lbs.) with a giant heart. Even though she tries to hide from us when we are attempting to get her in the shower, deep-down she loves being scratched and cleaned, can't you tell? By naming her Rahab, we have been able to share the Gospel with many people. We relish every chance to tell people that God's grace goes well beyond anything we could earn or work to receive. Rahab is a great example of a prostitute who trusts God after hearing stories about the Lord's working through the nation Israel. She hides Israelite spies who come to scope out the city of Jericho in Joshua 2. God honors Rahab by delivering her and her family from the destruction of that great city. She is also one of 5 women mentioned in the genealogy of Christ in Matthew 1. Not only does God show His mercy and grace by saving Rahab from death, but He also gives us a vivid example of a hopeless and sinful person created for a mighty purpose.

First Christmas in Texas

It's kind of ironic that our first Christmas in Texas was actually spent in Wisconsin! Brandy and I went back to the "frozen tundra" for five days and it was great. My mom and dad built a new home for thier retirement just outside of Madison. We were pampered there, but unfortunately, did not get to see any snow. My dad made sure to point out all the details of their new house. He gave some credit to my mom for her ideas, but loved to put himself in the lime-light. After working 35 years with the same company, he is finally taking some days off and trying to relax. We are happy that he loves his new home!
Our first day back to school in Texas, however, was iced-out so we got one more day of vacation. It was much needed after our plane ride home was delayed for two days. I think that God knew we needed the rest.