Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poor Baby

Henry and I are battling the flu...YUCK! We both feel pretty bad. I hate looking into Henry's face and seeing those weepy eyes. He's a champ, however, and has been doing well considering. We both started taking medicine on Friday, so, hopefully, we'll be feeling better soon. I felt so sorry for him. The other morning I went into his room to wake him up. Every morning I sing him a silly's our tradition. So, I walked in his room, turned on the lamp, and peeped over his crib. He was lying there so sweet, so I said, "Hey buddy!" Now, you have to know that I sound like a man due to this whole flu thing. My voice, for some unknown reason, was incredibly deep on this particular morning. Henry looked at me, crinkled his eyebrows, and screamed. He was so confused! He didn't know why I looked liked mama, but sounded like daddy. I picked him up and loved him. He touched my face and looked at me for such a long time. Poor baby! Sorry, I haven't felt like taking any pictures. I'll try to take some today and post them. He's such a little boy now!

In other news, I have an interview this week for a job in Fort Worth. I'm studying for it and hope it goes well. I've also received a lead in the area, so I'm looking into that, too. Thank you for all of your prayers. They are truly felt. Until next time...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2nd post in one day!

I'M SO EXCITED! I'M SO EXCITED! LT made our new page and header! Isn't she fantastic!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look! Thanks, LT, you are such a gem!!!!

Here Lately

I'm adjusting to not having a's strange. I'm enjoying having some time with my little man, though. I've applied for several jobs and just playing the waiting game now. I've gotten in touch with a couple of recruiters, so we'll see. Thank you for all of your prayers. They are needed and much appreciated!

I can't believe Henry will be 5 months on Sunday!!! It seems too fast (sorry, doesn't EVERYONE say that!). He is the sweetest baby! I met 2 of my old teammates yesterday and they just raved about him! Henry goes to anyone easily and is so content. He just smiles, laughs, and "talks" to everybody. I'm a little worried about all this "talking." Perhaps he's a "chip off the old block"! Jared has been afraid of him talking like me...what will he do with 2 of us!!! What will I do! I'm excited to see what he'll be like, but in no rush. I'm trying to enjoy every moment with him, not wishing him to do this or that. We are going to start him on Rice Cereal soon...probably next Monday. That should be interesting. He's done so well that I didn't want to start him too early, but I guess 5 months is a good time to start...

These aren't new pictures, but I just love them! I'm sure we'll get some pics this weekend for his 5 month birthday.