Saturday, August 29, 2009

Road Trip and Happy Anniversary!

Jared, Henry, and I took a road trip to Madison, WI to visit family 2 weeks ago. It was Jared's idea, of course, to drive...he's the most stubborn person I know. Oh well, we did it, and he promised me to NEVER do it again. Henry didn't sleep but about 30 minutes the whole night, Jared drank a 5-hour energy drink and got sick, and I drove the most difficult leg of the trip. The alleged 15 hour trip turned into 20! Thank goodness when we got there everything worked out great! We visited with Lauri, Jason, Emma, and Maddy since they were visiting from England, Grammy Judy and Pop-pop John, hung with Bobby and his new gal MK, and Judy hosted a fish fry one evening with several family members. We had such a great time. Emma is such a sweet little girl, and she's picked up an English accent with some things...She asks to "go wee in the potty" and sings a song about Dickey birds. Check it out below. It's pretty cute! :-)

Maddy's a sweet baby! She's laid back and content...I thoroughly enjoyed cuddling her and holding her because my baby boy has better things to do these days. We had Verwiel Family Fun day at the zoo one day. Judy was sweet enough to take every one's order for sandwiches AND put them in baggies with their names on them ;-)

My camera batteries died as we walk into the zoo, so Lauri and Krisi got some great pics of the kiddos. I managed to get these 2. Henry LOVED the zoo and all the animals.

John and Judy have a playground in their neighborhood; I got a few pics that afternoon

The trip home went much smoother than expected...yea! Then poor Jared had to take the next day off work because his back was hurting so bad. Here are some latest pics of our Doodle! We've planned a pool party for his first birthday. He loves the pool, and I don't have to prepare our house for a party.

Speaking of preparing our house, we're putting it on the market this week. I'll let you know what happens.

In other news, Jared and I celebrated our 5th anniversary this Friday. Andrea watched Henry (which entailed putting him to bed and letting him sleep until we got back!) while we went out to dinner just the two of us. Jared did a FANTASTIC job with my gift! I get to pick out a ring! I'll post pics once I get it. We've definitely learned much from each other these past 5 years, I hope we never stop learning. We've mostly learned the sacrifice of being selfless and learning what it means to glorify God with our union...some days we do a great job...then there are others. I love you, Boo.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cheap Thrills

Henry's waving ALL THE TIME these days! All the time except when we've got the camera that is! We tried to get him to wave, but he just won't do it!

Look how much fun a laundry basket can provide :-)

Figuring out this new push toy from Andrea! :-)