Monday, March 1, 2010

Ol' MS

We all took a trip to good ol' MS about a week ago. We ended up staying with the Gardners 2 nights! It was wonderful to spend some time with them...notice the "some" we were SO busy it was borderline ridiculous. We toured State's has that place changed! Mrs. Becky took us through the honors dorm and her new office. It was beautiful! Those students are living in style. One morning we had breakfast with the Overstreets. It did our hearts so well to see them and talk for a while. Camp is as cute in person as his well-behaved. And that Paxton, he's adorable! I saw my friend Shannon at her new school and hung out for a bit. Then we had lunch with Butch and went back to his house to talk while Henry took a nap. I went back over to Shannon's to see her sweet girls, while Jared went to study for a bit. That night we had dinner with our old church group...the Chapel. These people are amazing! They are just like family to us! The Chessers, the "Scrappy-Pappy" Thompsons, the Daniel Thompsons, and the Gardners were all in attendance. Holly and Daniel's boys are so sweet and well-mannered. I hadn't seen Aaron since we was little bitty and had never met Josh!!! (Camp was little bitty when we moved, too, I might add, and we hadn't met Paxton either.) On Saturday morning, we met up with my mom and sister to tour the campus. Henry was TERRIBLE! He decided he didn't want to sleep well Friday night and just couldn't handle it. Aunt Wendi and Nana rarely see him, and he had to be a toot! What's even worse...I didn't take a single picture while we were there! I had full intentions to take some on Saturday, and the battery was out!!!! Ugh!!! I was so frustrated...I tried to make it Jared's fault. It was nobody's fault; we just didn't think about it being dead. It was good to take a visit, but I must say, it's good to be home!