Tuesday, July 6, 2010

5th and Final Post for the Day

So, our friends Adam and Jessi were mentioned earlier from their visit (I hate I waited so long to post bc we had such a fun weekend, that I only hit the bullet points and not many details in the post...AND they gave me a FANTASTIC apron I didn't mention - love it and wear it daily!). Anyway, they've been published!!! Scroll down to the right and click the Go.Be.Do link...that's her blog. You'll get all the details. Please join me in congratulating them. I should note that she's obnoxiously beautiful...I've never seen anything like it. Adam, you're not so bad. Haha!


I just posted 4 blogs. Now you can see what's been going on since Christmas...in a nutshell! I'll definitely be better about updating from now on...really. I think it's funny (ironic) that I set a goal to blog more this year, and perhaps this has been my worst year since beginning to post!!! I guess I've been insanely busy with my new job. Perhaps this will be a jump start for the rest of the year!!!!! More to come soon....

Before that...we got NEW Couches!!!!! We got them in April. I'm so happy with the color, shape, size, etc. Lauren, aka Ya-ya, helped me pick out some pillows. Curtains are next...YES!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!

The Kaufman's visited from LA!!!!

We enjoyed Adam and Jessi coming to visit! If you remember, Jared married them last summer. Here are some highlights of their trip...

They gave Doodle an Elmo camera...he LOVES it!!!

We enjoyed dinner at the Hard Eight...great Texas BBQ!!!!!

Adam can play a mean game of softball!

Then we headed for to see where JFK was shot

...and enjoyed some apps outside...
My sweet boys

So...we walked up to this...some tourists that must like this Tequila...
Maybe we had a little fun with it?!?!
On Sunday, we all went to play a little golf.

Jared gave a few lessons

Henry got to play, too

Hmm...what shall I do next?

Love these kisses!Um....I don't want to go.

Sadly, Adam and Jessi's last memory of Henry was him screaming the ENTIRE way home because he didn't want to leave. He enjoyed playing in the golf cart and playing with all the golf balls. He was hot, tired, and devastated. I hated that was their last memory of Doodle bug...sorry guys. We enjoyed their visit SO much!!!

Grammy and Pop-pop Came for a Visit in April

Grammy and Pop-pop visited in April for my birthday. I also had to go to training for work, so they had some much coveted time with the boys (and Rahab...you'll see)! See below!

Henry...oh how you've grown!

These pictures are from Christmas, April, and just recently...enjoy!!!