Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Month's worth of updates...

We've got Internet after about a month, so I've got updates galore.

Here's Henry when he was just learning to walk.

As mentioned earlier, here are pics of Doodle at Halloween. Did I mention he was sick...

Big John and Grammy Judy sent a Halloween "happy" to Henry. He walked around everywhere with this little cup!
They also sent him a snow suit for his b'day. We'll be visiting them for Christmas this year, and he needs to be warm. For those of you that have seen the Christmas Story, it was an exact remake...he couldn't put his arms down, fell, and couldn't get up! Hysterical! I mean look at that face!
I don't remember how we got his hair like this, but it was just too cute to pass up! He's clapping...notice the halloween cup...again! Thanks Grammy and PopPop!
BUSTED!!! He gets it honest, his Daddy LOVES candy corn! :)

He'd just woken up from a nap...bed head!

This was just before bed sweet! He's getting a hair cut this week; he looks like a frat boy.

We were having dinner one night, and everything Jared did was funny. He was pretending to throw a ball or making gun noises...Take a look

Another night we were teaching him to cheer for the bulldawgs. He was doing it more until I got the camera. Sorry for the redneck "Wooing"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello Again!

It seems like it has been FOREVER since our last post! We'll be getting Internet next am I posting now, you ask? I'm on my work computer :) We recently sold our home and moved to another suburb in Dallas. It's closer to both of our jobs, which is SO nice. We are also much closer to Lauren and Justin, and we've seen them every weekend (ok, twice a weekend!). It's really great being so close to them.
Henry celebrated his second Halloween...under the weather. It was kind of sad. I made an appointment for him on the 30th. Although he felt TERRIBLE, I dressed him up in his costume. That may be borderline child abuse, but he looked so cute! He's just now starting to feel better. I'll post pics our our lil Tigger when we get the Internet hooked up at home. I'm not sure if I've blogged about this, but we've got a walker! Henry was toying with the idea of walking when we were packing to move. The week after we were all moved in, he became an expert "beginner" walker (does that even make sense?!).
We are adjusting to our new home and Henry's new teacher/sitter. We are incredibly blessed by his new teacher. I found (by God's grace) an in-home sitter that teaches preschool from her home. She takes no more than 6 children and happened to have a spot available. He gets little "assignments" during the week. It's pretty cute I must admit. She's a believer which is reassuring, and she teaches Bible stories, too.
By the way...How 'bout them dawgs on Saturday! I'll have TONS of pics and videos next time...