Thursday, May 3, 2007

Verwiel's Visit Dallas

Well, my parents made it down to Dallas for the first time this month. It was great having them visit, and being able to see our family again. They treated us like royalty even in our own house, and seemed to be pleased that we were doing well. They bought us our very first tree, among other things, and washed both of our cars inside and out. What can I say...I think they got bored when they realized that we don't have cable!

Anyway, we toured the JFK sights downtown, played a little golf, and ate lots of food. We will definitely miss having them, and hope to make it up to Wisconsin again soon. Sadly, Rahab is feeling lonely now that they are gone as well. She doesn't get as many walks and misses being able to chew on my dad's socks. They left her a nice gift, however, that she has been gnawing on for over a week!

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